Decorating the Floors - What Shape Rug Should You Use?

Area ways can be a smart way to decorate a bare floor. They are useful when you do not want to commit long term to a particular style in a room, when you want make a space warmer and when you want to emphasize a color scheme. It is also important to note that even if you do not think a rug is necessary for decoration, it may be needed to help dampen loud noises or protect expensive flooring. When you start to shop for area rugs, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the choices. Not only do you need to settle on the print or the color of an area rug, but you also need to choose the shape that would work best in your space. If you are searching for the right area rug for your home, learn about your shape options to help make your decision.

Room Shape

The shape of a room is not the most important factor in choosing an area rug, but it certainly has an influence. A large square or oblong room can use rugs to section off the different areas. Create a cozy sitting area with a sectional couch sitting on a square rug. Consider keeping chairs on the bare floor. Then, to break up the room, purposely put additional groups of furniture outside the borders of the rug. If you have an eating area in a room that also has a separate function, it is traditional to put a round rug under the table. Keep in mind that squares rugs tend to unify an area to visually pull it together, and round rugs can often keep an area independent from the rest of the room.

Children's Rooms

The easiest place to choose area rugs for are spaces that are dedicated to children. There are no rules for a playroom or a child's bedroom. Whimsical shapes and odd shapes placed around the room will make it fun for a child to play in. Moon, stars, hearts, flowers and even baseball glove shapes can be found and used to accent a child's room. You can even find rugs that have roads or train tracks on them that can be incorporated in the games.

Dining Rooms

Putting an area rug in a dining room under the table is a common practice. If your table is round, consider a square rug for an eye-catching contrast. Designers recommend that you have at least two feet of rug expanded past the table for the placement of chairs.


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